【International Course】Are Social Media Sites Good or Bad for Society? (<パネルディスカッション>ソーシャルメディアは社会にとってよいもの?)

 In the past years, different social media sites have emerged and have been playing massive roles in building and shaping the minds of the young generations. Social media sites are the most visited sites regardless of age, gender and beliefs.

 To analyze the pros and cons of using social media sites, H1 students in the International Course conducted a panel discussion. A panel discussion is a high order thinking skills (HOTS) activity for the students to discuss the trending topics in front of the audience. The class was divided into four groups which are composed of 3-4 members. Students talked about the effects of social media on friendships, business, education, culture, mental health, etc. Students acted as professional experts in their chosen fields.

 In this activity, students have showcased the following:  English speaking ability through explanations and asking questions and listening skills by formulating questions from the discussions. Students were assessed using a scoring rubric that was shown and explained before the panel discussions started.