【International Course】What is The Booster Session?

The Booster Session was launched last year to cater our international course students who need a follow-up support to their lessons in a conducive learning environment. On its second year now, the Booster Session has been making a massive impact to our students’ academic performance in the areas of English, Math, and Science; and receiving positive responses from the parents.  Students also develop their social skills through helping other grade levels students and sharing their ideas, thoughts on their lessons with their classmates. 

Our teachers from the international course are visiting the sessions and offering their time and effort to provide outside support to our students. This is a great opportunity for the students to ask questions and enrich their knowledge on the lessons.

Booster Session is being held at our relaxing and cozy ICC room, third floor every Monday and Wednesday this first term. The days vary depending on the term, so we advise to check our posters.

The faculty of international course’s utmost priority is to provide our students excellent quality education.  One of these ways is to offer an extra support outside the classroom for our students to be successful in school.